About Us

Beaded jewellery is always in trend from ages. Talking about fashion and style beads, shells and stones are the most favourites of every women either wore at beach,Night parties or weddings it’s very unique these days.

Sajilee has come up with trendy beaded handmade earrings and chokers.we have got best beaded jewellery to brighten your day to day life.

Come on!! Why to wait. Shop the seasons trendiest collection and Be a Style Icon.


Key People

Inspired by Navita Mehra’s own personal journey and their love for Sajilee ,our jewellery reflects a harmonious blend of elegance ,Beauty and meaningful design. Every piece is thoughtfully crafted to embody the unique individuality and style of our customers ,allowing them to express their own distinct personality and create lasting memories.

Navita Mehra


Harish Mehra

(Co-Founder & Marketing Director)